Created in 1874, 'Motomachi' is an area located between Kobe Station and Sannomiya Station. Motomachi Shopping Street is a long shopping street which starts on the south side of Motomachi Station, the gateway into Motomachi, and stretches about 1.2km to the east and west. More than 350 years ago, a prosperous highway passed through the town, and even today there are many traditional old shops lined up in rows, which have been established for easily more than 50 years.
Motomachi 1st Shopping Street, with its beautiful stained glass arcade "La Luce", runs adjacent to Kyu-kyoryuchi and the Daimaru Kobe Shop, buildings famous for their appearance. Tourists often visit it as "the number one shopping street to get a feel of Kobe", and it is still held dear even by locals and the people of Kobe.

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